Saturday, January 07, 2006

my post where i talk about weight

so, i'm going to join weight watchers on friday. online. then i'm going to look around for a gym. and take regular walks. or something. but i totally am joining weight watchers on friday. let me tell you, it scares me to death. i get on these kicks where i'm TOTALLY cool for a week...lose about 5 pounds and then say screw it and eat 9 dozen cookies. thing is, i'd like to feel attractive, fit into a booth at a restaurant, not breathe heavy when i walk up stairs, not be so tired all the time, and not be fat.

so, this is where i put my foot down and say "self, you're fat" and do something.
so....let this be a warning to everyone....jenny is going on a mission. :)


AMy said...

SHould we go on a mission together? I can be your online cheerleader and even better... partner on a mission.

I realize you have to do this for YOU. But I can help lift you up when you're tired and I can help hold the cookie container w hen you want one more.

I love your goals...

You are already beautiful. Just look at that picture. Now, you are going to choose to let the outer beauty shine as brightly as the inside dreamboat. Go for it. Get healthy first and the rest will follow. Set your goals on health, then aesthetics.

Your post made me smile and I needed a smile tonight... Thank youuuU :)

Lushy said...

I'm with Amy. You are beautiful, no matter what size, shape, etc. Your beauty shines from within. But nonetheless, girl, I'm with you. I joined WW online last Monday. I am beautiful, I know it, just like you know you are beautiful. My knees just cannot take any more weight. WW it is. First week was great, second is starting off shaky, thanks to beer. We can be there for each other though, cheering each other on and talking each other off the oreo ledge. I'm totally with you, cheering you on. I know there will be weeks that you totally inspire me, and I thank you in advance for that!

Personal Development said...

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