Sunday, January 01, 2006


what i'd like to happen in 2006......

Get a new job.
lose weight/join weight watchers.
exercise at a gym.
spend less time at places i'm comfortable and venture out beyond my "safe zone".
meet the man of my dreams.
get some self esteem.
stop making fun of myself.
take some classes.
drink more water.
grow out my hair.
keep my house clean.


janice said...

They have resume forms on Microsoft Word if you know of anyone that has it on their computer. Also on the internet but I don't know exactly where. I didn't know you were job seeking. The list for 2006 sounds like a great plan and I'm sure you can carry it out.

AMy said...

i love the look of your blog

HAPPY NEW YEAR - blows horn a few days late! -

and your goals for 2006 seem VERY manageable to me =) go for it my friend...we willl all be here to cheer you on....

amanda kathleen said...

Nice template!

*steals most of your goals for 2006*

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to help with school says anonymous

Jenny said...

anonymous? can i have a hint?