Saturday, January 14, 2006

I'm no expert, but I play one on TV!

Day 4 of weight watchers and I'm going strong so far!! I found a couple of secrets that I forgot about!! If you mosey into walmart and go to the water isle...There, you will find these bottles of flavored water called 'clear american'. They have 0 cals, 0 everything else. I recommend these if you are trying to get in water for the day. Maybe drink one instead of the regular water. They are sweetened but not overly sweet. My favorite one is golden peach. Tastes like a really good peach. They are 1 liter in size. That's not all! These bottles of wonderfulness are only 50 cents!!

I have yet to find fat free/sugar free/free everything else creamer. I did, however, find coffee-mate's cinnamon vanilla creme. This stuff is great! You can use 2 tablespoons of it in a cup of coffee. I know this is bad, but I usually eyeball it. I measured yesterday and my guess came to a little over 1 Tablespoon. Not too bad. It gives it a little kick and tastes really good.

when I want sweet, I have found that caramel corn rice cakes do the trick. BE CAREFUL though because you can only eat 5 of them for 1 point.

yesterday I made ground turkey spaghetti. Yeah it was ok. I might eventually flop back over to hamburger (ground round) because I don't know that like the taste at all.

did you know that leisure walking counts as exercise? If you go for a stroll around walmart, that's counted. Or if you go outside and walk at a normal pace, that's counted too. Next week I'm going to step it up by doing an actual work out.

I know you aren't suppose to weigh yourself until 'weigh in day' but I did yesterday on the scale at work and I'm down 2.4 pounds. YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. My official weigh in is on Monday so I'll post how much I actually lost on that day.

hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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Joelle said...

coffee-mate carbselect sugar-free hazelnut, baby. it's the way to go. :) 1 Point a tablespoon, but if you put it in the journal thing... like 5 tbsps (2-3 cups o' coffee)... it's like 2.5 points. The regular sugar-free is good, too, if you can't find the carbselect. But the "fat-free" (not sugar-free) has 10 calories a tablespoon more than the other. So, I'd go sugar-free or carbselct/sugar-free. :)