Saturday, March 31, 2007

I'm a big loser!!

So recently I was listening to 95.9 kiss FM ...A local radio station here...And they had a contest "hey sign up to be our biggest loser...We'll train you, get you in a gym, contests etc." so I did. I wrote an email. I wrote the best email I could think of ..."I'm lazy. I am the laziest person I know when it comes to working out and weight loss but I thought if I would be motivated some how, why not try it and what a great way to lose weight...To be motivated with prizes" and I left it alone thinking...Yeah, they will choose me alright..Right after I win the superbowl by myself. Well, I get this call Friday at 4pm and it's Mary love (that's her radio name I'm sure lol) and she says...We chose you and 7 other women out of 450 people.
I immediately got excited and wooo hoooo'd a couple of times and wow...Me? Really?
cool! Then I called her back and she gave me the scoop. I'll be working out with these women and 2 personal trainers for 12 weeks, Monday Wednesday and Fridays from 5 AM TO 7AM ..(holy crap what did I do? LOL). Then I get to work out on my own as much or as little as I want and the only requirement is that I go once a week to the trainer to get weighed and measured. ok...It's a 2000 dollar value so why would I not take advantage of the trainers...Right? So it begins April 9th at FIVE AM!
which should be fun because I work at 815 with kids...So I'll be fun *L* "no Miss Jenny can't pick you up because if I do I'll drop you and scream in pain" rock on!
my friend Pamela has a website called veggies taste like dirt (the link is on the side under "Pamela") and she's so funny. I told her and she's all "you're gonna hate it and love it at the same time and can I do a story on you?" *L* nothin but love for that dork. in fact, I just wrote the funniest thing to her..."I'm done being fat. I am. And I know what it takes to not be fat...I just have a problem with food talking to me...Saying "jenny....We love you love us" *L*"

so here I go. Keep checking back to see how I am doing. I'll write as much and as often as I can ...As I become a losah!!

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robins are back....

snow's melted, lovely temps, now it'll snow again soon lol

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on my porch.

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