Monday, January 02, 2006

Mike Sherman fired.

there was a press conference that i slept right through. you can hear that by going to and finding out what they said about it. so what does this mean for the green bay packers? a new beginning? brett farve leaving? didn't he say once that if sherman goes, he goes? i don't think that it's mike sherman's fault for the horrible season they had. i know that they should have to be able to work with any players, but look at all of the players that were hurt this year. javon walker, one of the most talented players, out for the season. some other players were out too, which leaves the benchers to take their shot at it. donald driver can only do so much.
it takes a strong team. and that's something they lacked this year. maybe it's time for farve to retire. he's, what, 87 years old now..time to move on. he had a good run like 5 years ago. you're no spring chicken, brett. if you could arrange the team like you wanted to, how would you do it? i wouldn't have the foggiest on where to start. maybe they don't either, so they are starting with the coach. let me coach for a while. tell the guys to run to the opposite end of the field and hang on to the ball. what's so hard about that?

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