Sunday, April 30, 2006

all set up!

the library/computer space, living room, kitchen, cat room, bathroom, and cats. i'll take a picture of my bedroom when it's done lol.

some pictures

i took these pictures a couple of days ago. and as soon as i get more unpacked and a nap in (hahah) i'll take more. so far i have my computer room and my "cat room" set up. i need to leave soon to go clean my old place and get rid of the keys (and check the mail) the flowers below were sent to me by my friend shelli. it's a garden? i think she called it...has 5 mini plants in dirt and then 5 water tubes with daisies in them (my fave!!!)
anyway, off to get more coffee!

P.S. in case you couldn't tell, the pictures are my new place. i know the old and the new look the same lol. same owner. this one is a 2 bedroom upper on the corner of the building. love it. very quiet!

Friday, April 28, 2006

ahhhh moving!!

so i'm pretty tired today. i have everything packed, well except for a few things.
tomorrow morning i want to wash my sheets so i don't have to do that at my new place.
i have one more load of dishes (as soon as casey's done using one of my glasses)
in about 30 minutes i'll be taking my computer/tv over to the new place so that i can have it hooked up. which means i won't be on tonight. i move tomorrow between 11 and 1. at 745 casey and i will be watching his movers in our lawn chairs with our "umbrella drinks" lol. anyway, signing off. i'll have pictures of the new place as soon as i am moved. ciao for now.

are you sick?

people sometimes ask me what i take for my colds. so i'm telling you the teacher's secret. airborne. no i'm not kidding. the stuff is a miracle. it costs about 5.99 and you take a whole tube in a day...(1 tablet disolved in water every 3 hours...tastes like watered down tang). try it. the next time you feel a cold coming out and get it. you'll either not get sick, or your cold will last about a day. it's available at most stores! also online at

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


back to english! i figured it out. i took 4 years of high school french and apparently i learned a little bit! woo hoo

i'm apparently french

yet i don't speak a word. can someone tell me how to switch back to "english" on here? all of the commands are in french.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Last Day...

today is my last day as a nanny. the people i nanny for are moving away..3 hours away. so today is my last day with them. it's going to be sad when i leave today.
i am taking my camera to work to take any last minute pictures lol.

have a good friday!

Saturday, April 15, 2006


i'm changing things around, and stuff. just so you know.