Wednesday, January 11, 2006

31 years old....31 points!

I signed up for weight watchers online about 10 minutes ago. i started to sign up last night and clicked out of it. then it gave me this "hey don't go, here's another 10 bucks off the price" so i saved that and signed up this morning.
i didn't want to start today but i wanted to get use to everything on the site. it seems confusing to me so far. i know it shouldn't but the points are something i'm going to have to learn. in my mind i think that 31 points is A LOT of points. and the food menu that they suggest uses them all up in a day. i have this idea in my head where you don't eat much to lose it. MY idea of a menu is oatmeal and a fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch and a piece of chicken and potatoes for dinner. ok THIER idea of a meal plan is...oatmeal, fruit, milk, tea for breakfast, hamburger, veggies, fruit, milk, salad, dressing for lunch, a snack of tea, toast, jam, veggies, and dinner of chicken, spaghetti, sauce, milk, tea, fruit, whipped cream, a smootie...i mean it's not really like that but the list goes on for days!! so immediately in my head i said "self, follow it, they know what they are doing" and the other part of my mind said "self, if you eat all that crap you're not gonna lose anything" i have to get into a better mind set. remember one of my things was not to knock myself down. so i think i'll play around with the points tomorrow to see what i can come up with for a meal plan for thursday and to see how i do at work.
then keep on the plan and totally get into it on monday. here are some questions..

what type of vitamin should i be taking? i hate water, does anyone have suggestions on how to get all of that water into me? how can i hold my self accountable for this for real?


amanda kathleen said...

my mom lost like, 50 pounds with WW. Eat as close to your point count as possible, and you lose weight. Add exercise and water, too.

No suggestions on the water. You just have to drink it. I love seltzer water, so, I drink that all the time.

vitamins.. you first need to ask why you want to be taking vitamins. The purpose of it.

I suggest a simple multi-vitamin every morning. Centrum is good. *thumbs up*

jenna sais quoi said...

My tip for the water- I drink the bottled stuff, because to me, it tastes better. Some people like to add a little mint or lemon to jazz things up, or you may prefer to drink hot water in the winter instead of the icy variety.

I also count my decaf tea and my Crystal Lite in my water tally. And I've noticed if I pre-measure my amounts (I have a 32 oz mug) it helps me to get through it. But yeah, there will be days where you'll feel like you live in the bathroom, until your body adapts.

Crescendo said...

Good menu !

Joelle said...

You have to eat. Eat the points. I used to think the same thing when I first started.

You must eat and you must exercise. Seriously. :)