Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Final weigh in day...

Today was the final weigh in and i came in 3rd place. not too bad for thinking i wasn't even going to be in the final 3. we got some really nice prizes too. 4 tickets to water fest (anyone know what that is? lol), 4 movie passes, 4 tickets to see the timber rattlers, and 4 passes to the milwaukee zoo. the first place person (kati) got a 300$ shopping gift card to the oshkosh outlet mall. we also get our "after" shots taken at glamour shots and those will be posted on the website. in total i lost 20.5 pounds, gained 3 pounds of muscle and lost 32 pounds of body fat (which i guess is different that the actual pounds lost...who knows) we were also on the radio this morning live in the studio. that was kind of fun. and then monday i'm starting the work out routine again. only we have to pay this time. we are getting 10$ off a month for the membership as a "gift" to us. not too bad. and then we get 2 free training sessions a month with our membership so that's good too!

have a great week!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

final 3

so i made it to the final 3! it's Kati, Trisha, and myself. we are what is left and now it's 3 weeks of us being personal trained/working out until the last day...June 28th. there are no more eliminations. the 'winner' will be decided
on that day. so here's to being in the top 3! oh, i lost 1/2 pound this past weigh in. so i'm down 21.