Monday, February 27, 2006

monday weigh in

i'm down 6 pounds this week for a grand total of 21 pounds. not too shabby. although when i tracked my weight loss this week, i got yelled at by WW. they told me i was losing weight too fast, that anything over 2 pounds a week was horrible and that i should eat more food. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA. i have been packing it in this week. at this one site, a lady was talking about how she ate some of her flex points each week and lost every week. well i tried it. i can't help the 6 pound loss! in fact.........YAY ME!!!!!!!!!! that makes 21 pounds i'm down!!

anyway, time to make the donuts! have a good day today!


sarah said...

hi, jenny! just thought i'd introduce myself since i've been lurking for a couple of months or so. i found you through joelle's blog, and then of course, the donut. :) i enjoy your comments and entries! i'm doing WW as well. anyway, just wanted to de-lurk!

nooky said...

Heya Jenny!
I'm a 19yr old gal from Australia!!! And I just wanna say congrats on the weight loss...its so hard to get into action sometimes hey! But keep on keepin on!! Ha ha! I wish you all the best!
p.s... i lost 25 kg's myself not so long ago and i feel great for it! :)