Saturday, February 25, 2006

zoom zoom zoom..........

i didn't fall off the earth, i just have had nothing to blog about lately. i'll get back on track after the weekend is over. i have a couple of projects i'm working on. yesterday i cleaned out a bunch of my rubbermaid containers and narrowed it down to 2 boxes from 6 so that's pretty good. i also found a quilt my grandma made for me. i slept with it all the fact it was my sorce of warmth for about 5 years. then it started ripping. who knew back then that it would be such a treasure to me now, even ripped. so i'm either going to take it apart and keep the patches for something or i'm going to take it apart and find someone to make me a different quilt with those patches and plain material. point is, i want it fixed. i miss using it. oh well, i'll figure it out. my other project is organizing my house. i'm making a trip to goodwill today with all of the crap that i had stored and all of the things that i never use. so that's a huge project. and anyone who knows me real well, i have to read everything and usually end up making a bigger mess than when i started. tonight i'm going out to dinner with my friend who's moving to iowa. a bunch of us are getting together at applebees. then later i'm going out with my friends casey and todd here in appleton. should be a nice change!
anyway, that's about it for me. i'll check in with my weigh in on monday.
have a nice weekend!

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