Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The cheese is moving...........Again

So my lease is up may 1st and I'm not staying here. You know me, I love adventure!
I'm packing up my junk and my cats and movin to the other side of town. When it started to get really cold here, and the doors/windows needed to be shut and the heat came on, it started to reek in here!! Now, I'm not blaming anyone (ok yes I am) but the people downstairs smoke in their apartment. So, the walls are thin, and I just need to tell you, that the smell lingers by my door downstairs. Which is where their apartment is. Long story short, it smells like stale smoke and ass. And it comes up the stairs into my place. Air fresheners don't work. Also, when they turn on their dryer, I can smell it outside so I know it's not me!

anyway, besides all of this, my rent will be going up 100 dollars and I can't afford that! So I found a cheaper place with more stuff!! This one is a two bedroom TWO BATHROOM!! Place with stuff included and ...AND..An attached garage!! It's about 10 minutes away from here, like I said, other side of the city, but it's a nice location and I'm excited! So I'm doing all of the prep work for this new place this coming weekend. Putting in my application, paying part of the deposit and crossing my fingers they accept me! I'm really hoping I don't need a co-signer again. I hope they see that I do pay my rent.

anyway, that's the news...

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sarah said...

oooh, new place sounds nice!