Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Cats.

So the cats are on a new diet. i TOTALLY changed what they are eating today. All of it. Sammy has been getting hairballs, A LOT. so i called the vet and asked him about this. I also told him that he was not having normal poops (i know..too much info) so we discussed their diet. he recommened science diet hairball control light. there has also been this issue of sammy screaming (and i mean SCREAMING) at me in the morning and at night to get soft food. well, i'm the human who has to spend her money on this crap. so instead of buying 10 cans of cat food for the week, i bought 4. and one of those fun little covers for them so it can go in the fridge. they are trying science diet adult light (1/2 Small can each) and friskies special diet (they will get 1/4 can each). then eventually when they do good on this (because they have no choice), they will be limited to 1/4 total twice a day.
ooooh is sammy just pissed lol. i figure if i have to ride that damn bike that i bought, they are going on a diet LOL. anyway, have a hot humid day :) hehe.

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Anonymous said...

put butter on their front paws. they will lick it off and it will help the hair pass through their butts.