Friday, April 28, 2006

are you sick?

people sometimes ask me what i take for my colds. so i'm telling you the teacher's secret. airborne. no i'm not kidding. the stuff is a miracle. it costs about 5.99 and you take a whole tube in a day...(1 tablet disolved in water every 3 hours...tastes like watered down tang). try it. the next time you feel a cold coming out and get it. you'll either not get sick, or your cold will last about a day. it's available at most stores! also online at


amanda kathleen said...

I love that stuff. Anytime I thought I was even nearing a cold, I used it. A lot during K's younger days. I didn't want to get the itty bitty sick!

How are you holding up darlin'? *leaves hugs*

jes said...

i L.O.V.E. Airborne. i generally just take it before i fly, though. i'll try this next time i feel a cold coming on.

unless, of course, i WANT to get sick so I can stay home from work! Muah ha ha!

Ro said...

I'm gonna try that!!