Sunday, April 30, 2006

all set up!

the library/computer space, living room, kitchen, cat room, bathroom, and cats. i'll take a picture of my bedroom when it's done lol.


Mom said...

I like the counter around the bathroom sink and the curtain is really pretty. The cats look like they have gotten used to the place already. I really like that plant on the counter in the kitchen. It all looks so pretty.

Ro said...

I love your kitchen!! And you have plants! With CATS! My cats wont leave my plants alone so I had to get rid of them all. :'( Oh and btw it looks like your one cat sucked the other cats head into its body in some wierd accident or experiment... just thought I'd point that out. Hmmmmm, it'd make a nice profile picture on My Space... LMAO! :)