Wednesday, March 08, 2006

hey people

so here i am at work, doing a work post today. man are these kids wild today! it's finally nap time here at nanny central and WOOO HOOO. should be quiet for about 2 hours and then we start all over again. they sure do tire me out.

i found some pictures of when they were smaller....check these out!!

kylin at 2 months old. i miss that stage. i really enjoy her now, but i really miss holding that baby girl!

this is kylin now at 18 months.

and now for owen, her brother..
this is him when i first started....he's almost 2 in this picture.

and this is him now...3 1/2

i look at that last picture and i get an instant headache LOL. all that food to clean up! anyway, these kids and their family are moving away, so i'll no longer be their nanny (ok glorified babysitter lol). makes me kinda sad. but time to move on to the next set of events in my life i suppose. may 12 is my last day here. it's going to go fast. (ok, today it's going slooooooooowwwwwwww).

well, that's all from here. oh great, i missed my soap LOL.

cya later!

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Mom said...

Cute pics of the kids.