Wednesday, October 26, 2005

my nephew

this is owen, my nephew. he'll be 2 in january. he's such a goofy kid. my mom took this picture and i wanted to post it to show him off :)

in other news, my microwave kicked the bucket! it was pretty freaky. it made this loud crackling sound and then lit up and died. so i'm getting a new one i suppose..lucky me lol.

that's about it on this end!


TheGestator said...

Hi jenny, saw that you posted a comment on my blog so i thought i'd come and say hi.. :)

amanda kathleen said...

Okay, JENNY... seriously. Are you having problems with blogger at all? Like, when you log into blogger to create a new blog entry, is the pages all fucked up with all those little boxes? Or is it just me?

Because I'm starting to get upset. I can't even read anything on any of blogger's pages. GRRRR!

Veronika said...

I've been experiencing probs with blogger. It was becoming very frustrating until I restarted my computer and that seemed to help.

amanda kathleen said...

I restarted and it didn't help at all. ):