Sunday, October 30, 2005

It's beginning to look a lot like.....

CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!! now that halloween is almost over, we can skip right over thanksgiving and move on to my FAVORITE HOLIDAY!!!!!! Things i like to do to get ready for it are:

go to thrift stores to check for christmas decor and find gifts (i'm not kidding)
clean my apartment (still not kidding)
decorate my porch with lights and frill!!
have a christmas party that i host for my friends!
play christmas music in my car!!!
send out cards to everyone i know!
pick 2 kids names off of a giving tree (one older girl and one "husky" boy because when i was little i remember my mom saying how hard it was to find husky size clothing for boys, so i do it every year)

this year i'm going to change my wallpaper on my blog every couple weeks! hahha!!

what kind of traditions do you have?

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