Monday, September 19, 2005

what is it?

what is it about me that makes guys run in the complete opposite direction? i'm cute, i'm funny, i'm nice, i'm great with kids, i have a job, apartment, car. i can cook. come on guys..answer me honestly.


Veronika said...

Because guys totally suck!
Just kidding. I just wanted to come visit you since you checked out my blog. Glad you are doing the clearing-up-the-bad-credit thing because that's important! I need to do that too.

Anonymous said...

its 'cos you're using a kitty as your about profile... :-o

an anonymous guy :)

Jenny said...

ok, that's changed.........what next?

amanda kathleen said...

Look at my track record. I'd much rather be single. I seem to attract the real piece's of work. -puts on her sticker that says "Hello.. My name is Tool."