Monday, September 05, 2005


I donated a trunk load of stuff to the katrina rescue thing going on here. I couldn't help but think that my trunk load wasn't enough. So tomorrow, we are going to go to the dollar store and get animal stuff for this shelter down there that they need for their dogs and cats. I know it's not a human need, but I'm animal sensitive and they need the help too. So Casey and I are going to do that tomorrow after work. I also deleted my post about kanye west. Yes, he had the right as an American to say what he wanted, but now that I see it for the 5th time, he didn't have that much of a right. So I deleted it.

hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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Aunt Joan said...

Here's another quote for you since you took the other anti-Bush one off. This time dear old Barbara said it herself - what is it with those people named bush???

Monday :: Sep 5, 2005
To Barbara Bush, Temporary Relocation Is Working Out Well For Katrina's Poor Black Victims
The Bushes can’t seem to stop shooting themselves in the feet. This time, it’s the warm and gracious Babs herself, who visited Houston with Poppy and Bubba today, and was asked what she thought about the victims who had been moved to Houston from New Orleans. In an attempt to paint Texans as very hospitable to the victims, Barbara Bush couldn’t help blurting out the “poor black people” inference.

You can hear the audio here, at about 2 minutes into the show, plus Bab's "sort of scary" comment, presumably at the thought of all 15,000 of these poor blacks wanting to stay in Houston.

The former First Lady's remarks were aired this evening on National Public Radio's "Marketplace" program.
She was part of a group in Houston today at the Astrodome that included her husband and former President Bill Clinton, who were chosen by her son, the current president, to head fundraising efforts for the recovery. Sen. Hilary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama were also present.
In a segment at the top of the show on the surge of evacuees to the Texas city, Barbara Bush said: "Almost everyone (the victims) I’ve talked to says we're going to move to Houston." (clarification Soto's)
Then she added: "What I’m hearing is they (the victims) all want to stay in Texas. Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality.
"And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this--this [she chuckles slightly] is working very well for them."
Amazing, simply amazing, and yet so apropos of why the GOP talking points are blaming the poor blacks for their own predicament.

Yeah, you and I both know that Bubba isn't going to say anything harsh about the Bushes until Hillary gets the nomination, but you have to wonder if Hillary or Obama himself will restrain themselves when they hear about this remark.