Wednesday, September 14, 2005

to make it totally clear...

I just wanted to let the 'anonymous' posters on my blog know that if you are going to post a comment, post your name. i will delete the comments or make it so that you have to log in to comment. i'm tired of the hateful comments. this is MY blog where i can write whatever the heck i want to. if you don't like what i write or post, don't read my blog. yes, i think bush sucks. i think america has become the laughing stock of the world. i'm not labeling myself democrat but i didn't vote for bush...and i voted so i can complain. if there was a respectful republican who didn't run america into the ground, i'd vote for her or him. i haven't seen that yet. so until that happens, expect me to be a hater for a while because there's nothing more i can do about it.


LBseahag said...

Just want to say hi....Hi!

amanda kathleen said...

What anonymous comments? I haven't seen any!

I don't notice a lot of things, though.

Jenny.. sign up for haloscan. you can block IP's of people! It's easy.. only two codes to put into your blog!

amanda kathleen said...

And poo on you for taking me off your Daily Reads!
I see how it is.
-blocks you-


Jenny said...

oh crap LOL i need to put that back on. i didn't even see it was gone.