Friday, June 03, 2005


for those of you that don't know me that well, i must tell you that i'm not all about the health food, natural foods, etc. well let me just tell you what i stumbled upon thanks to my best friend casey!! we were at woodmans (for those of you out of's A HUGE grocery store) and casey picked up these rice chips...sesame and seaweed. ok i know what you are thinking and i thought the same thing........YUK!!! well he made me try them that night and they are AMAZING! it sort of has this sour cream and onion taste to it (but there's not any in there). the brand name of these glorious rice chips ....lundberg. it comes in a green bag and says RICE CHIPS on the front in big letters. sesame and seaweed. 140 calories 7 grams of GOOD fat (no trans fat, no cholesterol, 0.5 saturated fat) TRY THEM.

and that's my tip of the day :)



amanda kathleen said...

Health food? What's that?


Actually, I'm doing this diet thing. Nothing but water (aside from my morning coffee), cutting back on the carbs, sugar, and evil fats. Basically, if it's natural and colorful, I'm eating it. lol

My gma lives in a giant oval neighborhood. We clocked the street around her house to be 1/4 of a mile, so, K and I walk twice a day. So, walking that half mile a day should do something. lol..

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