Wednesday, June 22, 2005

busy busy busy!

OK!! SO! this weekend i have tons and tons and tons of places to be! let's start out the weekend on friday night. i'll be heading out with casey to have a fun filled evening with the mo's. THEN saturday my cousin david is getting married..let's hope he doesn't repeat the anne marie dog incident (although it could be funny). i might skip the wedding itself and just go to the reception. catching the bouquet would be nice. although i've caught a few and am i married? no i'm not.
which brings me to sunday. sunday i'm sleeping. all day. THEN at night i'm going out to dinner with my friend jennie and then we are going to her bf's soccer game so i can meet this guy named phil. so basically it's not a date (i repeat it's NOT A DATE) It's just a friendly meeting of 2 people. and if anything ...i'll make a new friend (dammit this guy better fall all over me and ask me to marry him right there because i'm worth it!!!! *breath*) so that's my weekend. to recap: fun outing on friday, wedding on saturday, a NON-DATE soccer game on sunday.

:) c-ya!!


amanda kathleen said...

aww you have a date! yay! i want details when you get home! -scolds-

Jenny said...


amanda kathleen said...

pshhh. it is too!