Thursday, June 09, 2005

This one's entitled "Blogs"

recently i discovered 2 blogs that i really like. A LOT. so much, in fact, i visit them both several times a day, make funny comments (ok funny to me), and just rather enjoys them. now, i'm sure they are not going to be visiting my lovely blahg (say that outloud it's funny) but if they do happen to stop by...HOLLA!!

now, also, there's this blog that my friend manda writes. now get this. the people i nanny for have a daughter named Kylin who was born sept 22, '04. ok well manda has a daughter Kyla who was born sept 21, '04. cute huh? i read her blog to find out what she's doing with her daughter so i can do the same thing where i nanny. i know i know i'm lame but give me a break. haha.

anyway, you can visit these blogs if you click on the links to your right----->

well that's all for the blogs. now, don't be offended if i haven't mentioned your blog on here. i do visit my mom's blog every day and also on occasion my aunt sandra's too. and if i haven't seen YOUR blog...leave me a comment and i surely will hop on over to that too :)

HOLLA! (i just like saying that)


Y said...


Not that you were talking about MY blog, but I HAD to hollah anyway.

Jenny said...

oh my gosh i so was!!!