Thursday, April 21, 2005

Will It Ever End?

I woke up this morning with a grin on my face. WHY?? I'm not sure. Maybe it's because I know that I only have 7 days left here in cow town USA. Perhaps it's the birds building a nest outside my window. A pretty red sparrow and a pretty brown sparrow building a nest, working as a team, to bring some new babies into the world. How sweet! OR...Maybe it's the coffee that I knew I was going to be having.
Whatever the case is, it's annoying me that i'm so chipper.

Today i plan to pack up my kitchen, vacuum my bedroom, buy cat litter and veg on the computer. sounds like a fun day off to me!! i had yesterday off too. my boss's mom is in town from Kentucky this week. so I had wednesday and thrusday off. then i work friday so they can have a mother/daughter day, and then the weekend off. mega busting a move this weekend to pack and stuff. monday i get my keys to my new place.
which i'll be off the internet for about 2 weeks just so you all know hehe. it was that or pay another whole month and i'm not going to do that. and then the soonest they could connect me at my new place was may 7th. so, that's that.

i'll be adding some pictures later on of what i got done today. just as a little memory thinger. i also stumbled upon a blog that i think is hilariously funny, but then that's my sense of humor. you can find that here warning though. it's not for the faint at heart or those without a sense of humor. hehe.

with that said...have a super D duper day! (no more coffee for me!!!)


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