Friday, April 22, 2005

Today's Mess

Well today was just perfect until my boss came home from shopping with her mother and said "Jenny, you have a flat tire" A FLAT TIRE!!!!! WHAT!?!? Ok so in my mind I start panicing...Because I'm moving in less than a week, I JUST paid my rent and have to worry about moving expenses. And I get A FLAT TIRE. Well...It went better than I thought it would, thanks to a little help from my boss and her mother and her brother-in-law. Nathan (that's the brother in law) came over and put on my spare in under 5 minutes..Thank you Nathan. Monica (that's my boss) gave me an extra 5$ in my pay...Thank you Monica. And Monica's mom shoved a 20 in my hand and said "here you go" ....Thank you Monica's mom. It ended up that I went to Walmart Tire Lube Express and had it patched for 6.83....Thank you Walmart. So...2 1/2 hours later and me praying like no one's business for it to only be a repair and not a new tire (thank you God) I'm home. *BIG BREATH*

on Monica's adventure with her mom today, they got me a couple presents :) A hand towel holder for my bathroom...Perfect condition from goodwill ( stores it would have been 10.00) and a container of caramel coffee ice cream topping. mmm yummy!! Can't wait to break that open! It will be next week Thursday night after I'm done with moving!

so that's my day in a nut shell. Fun times! Off to do some packing..Or chatting...Or both.



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Veronika said...

oohhhhhhhh, caramel! My favorite! Caramel and cheese, but not together!
Isn't it amazing how friends and family are there for you when you need them? I'm glad you were able to get that tire fixed-