Wednesday, May 02, 2007


i have this odd feeling i'll be eliminated on friday. i skipped my workout on monday because i moved and it was too much. i didn't gain any weight but i'm sure i didn't lose any. i went to my workout this morning and was basically made to feel like crap because mr. trainer man didn't get my message until half way through the workout. is that my fault he didn't check messages when he got in in the morning..cuz the dude gets in at 4am. no it is not. i called the night before at a decent time. so, if i am eliminated friday, i'll let you know. it goes by weight.
i'm planning on doing my workouts and stuff until then, but we'll see what friday brings. at least i can still go to the gym. that i'll still do.

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Mom said...

You're doing so well and looking so great, hope all goes well the rest of the week and you're still in the race on Friday!! Goodluck, do or do not...there is not Owen would you have switches?