Wednesday, April 18, 2007

ok we're cookin!

alright, i'm back on track. not that i fell off the track, but i don't feel so crappy about this week anymore. friday is the weigh in...according to MY scale, i'm down 6...we'll see how that goes on friday. one person is out. but we get to keep our gym membership which is nice. the part i don't like about working out is the muscles that are constantly sore. for example...we have to do lunges. 15-20 of them. with weights. so as you go down, your arms come up with the weights and i HATE doing them. screw you lunges! lol. today i was on the radio again.
they want us calling in a couple of times a week. i'm also partially famous in california now. *L* there's a program on tuesday nights on bravo called "workout". if you haven't seen it, what's your problem? *L* they do the very same exact workout/training that we do at the gym. catch it. just remember to do 15-20 reps...not 4 like they show haha.

have a good wednesday!

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Janice said...

Looks like I might be able to post, last couple of times I couldn't. So did the person that left quit or what? Sounds like you're doing good. Good time of year for all that with swim suit season coming up and the weather warming up. Sorry I missed you on the radio last night. I listened until it was time to leave but only heard the 'music'