Thursday, January 25, 2007

a day in the life of Jenny at work....

last 5 minutes at work today with a very MENTAL child in our center.

....he told me no, i gave him a choice..he made the wrong choice by telling me no again...he went and got a "canadian watergun" (which was was a turkey baster *L*) and he sprayed it in my face...i got pissed, picked him up..carried his 8 year old 9493900493 pound ass down 3 hallways to the baby side of the building and all the way there he's hitting me and calling me fatass and telling me to go to hell and i said, you're 8...i'm strong, you're going...all the while he's kicking and punching me and spitting in my face. it was a pleasure to carry his nasty 8 year old ass down to the other side.

God bless that child. and God bless me for not losing my cool!

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