Thursday, January 18, 2007

10 things about the letter "K"

-Kittens-- i have an affection for kittens and get wrapped up in the fact that i think i NEED kittens and forget that they turn into CATS.

-Kyla--my internet friend's baby is named kyla

-Kylin--i use to nanny for a little girl named kylin, who is 1 day younger than kyla.

-Krispy kremes--need i say more?

-Kangaroo--one of my favorite shows growing up was captain kangaroo!!

-Kiwi--i really love this fruit

-Kwik Trip--that's where i get gas in my car

-KFC--i don't eat there ever! bad bad bad people!!

-Kris--i miss my old friend kris...she lives close to me but we never see each other..kinda sad. she moved on with her life...i moved on with mine.

-kindergarten--i wanted to be a teacher when i was younger...

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