Wednesday, February 28, 2007


i was reading one of the blogs i visit on a daily basis and the woman was talking about how she has a pair of gloves from her grandma and when she wears them, she thinks about her.

i have a cup. i mean i have a couple other things that make me think about my grandma but i have this great cup! it's green and white and perfect. my grandma use to drink tea out of it and i would drink tea with her. when she died, this was one of 2 things i wanted of hers. it's the one thing i take such good care of, to make sure it doesn't break or get chipped. when i move, i pack it in bubble wrap and then put sweatshirts around the bubble wrap. it's a great cup. there are some things you don't forget about your grandma. i can tell you the lay out of her house, the make up i use to play with in her bathroom (hahah), the door bell you'd ring once and come in. the stairs i use to slide down on when my aunt lisa lived there. the sewing machine ...that great sewing machine that my grandma taught me how to make pillows on. and man did i make 100's of pillows. i'd always ask for scraps to make them. i made doll pillows, barbie pillows, cat pillows, regular name it i made it. i use to make "recipes" in her measuring cups.
i'm not sure why i'm remembering her today other than i'm drinking coffee from the cup this morning.

things are looking up for me. after a meltdown yesterday, i saw the light at the end of the tunnel and it's closer than i think it is. things are gonna get better sooner than i thought. i did a little budget planning, calling around and things will be good in about a month. that's not too bad huh? i shouldn't blog about it because i might jinx myself. *crosses some fingers*

well, i'm off to work. have a super day people!


AMy said...

glad things are looking up =)

Janice said...

I woke up this morning with that rash I get when I worry too much...but it was sweet coming here and reading about your grandma. I hope my grandchildren remember me like that too. Funny reading about the doorbell.

Joan said...

Jenny - what a great post! I have a little pincushion pillow you made me for my wedding 24 years ago. I always think of you when I come across it in my sewing basket :)