Friday, August 11, 2006

my august post!

HI AMY.........just givin you a holla!

what's up internet?! been a while again since i posted. have a lot to say but so little time.

i'll start with the kids. owen and hali.

owen is so fun and does all kinds of fun things! his favorite thing to do right now is anything trains. he loves them. hali is beginning to smile and laugh. she just turned 2 months.

my job is very challenging. not sure how much i like it but they sure like me for some reason. probably i'm the only one who can handle the kids in my class. i was off for 2 days ..........sanity vacation, and while i was gone, they broke a bunch of stuff and made 2 subs cry. CRY!! and people wonder why i'm stressed and talk about change a lot *L*

anyway, i'm off to the job i work at. i hope everyone has a good friday!

woot woot!

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